Youth In Afforestation Nationwide Announced Strike Due To Unpaid Allowances In 5 Months


From Today, 4th May, 2021, All Youth in Afforestation beneficiaries should commence an indefinite strike action following the non payment of our 5 months allowance, and all arrears.

Leaders and all beneficiaries have realized that, the government has decided to make us suffer for nothing! The hunger is graduating to famine amongst beneficiaries and lack of money is creating tensions in our homes, causing some amongst us to lose their titles as fathers and mothers!

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All supervisors, whether in support or against this strike should make sure all their Assistant supervisors and Field Assistants stay home during this indefinite strike action.

How on Earth can you employ someone for five months without pay and still force that person to come to work?

There are a lot of people here on this platform who have married politics to the extent that, they work as bulls even though our monies are still hanging.

Information reaching us says the aged among field assistants are being manipulated like sheep to go to work amidst non payment of allowance. If you know politics has made you lose your focus as an aged man or woman then you are a fool.


All Supervisors should make sure their field assistants stay home If you go to work during this strike period and you have any challenges, Youth for Earth Ghana and leadership of Youth in Afforestation will not be held responsible.

Make sure no T.O forces you to go to work, they are enjoying their work and we are the ones suffering.




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