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Woman loses $390K after meeting crypto-scammer

A Tennessee woman says she lost $390,000 in a crypto scam after meeting a man on the dating app Hinge.

Niki Hutchinson was searching for a new potential love interest on the dating app Hinge where she met a man named “Hao” and the two instantly hit it off. She explained how they shared a similar culture due to their Chinese heritage and frequently spoke on WhatsApp for a month. However, they only spoke via video chat once and Hao only showed half of his face during the conversation.

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During one of their conversations, Hao convinced Hutchinson to invest in cryptocurrency and told her: “I want to teach you to invest in cryptocurrency when you are free, bring some changes to your life and bring an extra income to your life.”. Recently, she inherited $300,000 after selling her family home amid her mother’s death and invested the money in a crypto-wallet. Later on, Hutchinson learned she was unable to withdraw from the account after investing $1.2 million because the investments didn’t exist.

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She also said a person on the phone who gave her the information told her she had to pay a $380,000 “tax bill.

“I think he really played off that I was naïve and not knowing anything about crypto and taking that and running with it. I just hope others don’t have to fall for it.”