Woman goes nαkєd, breathes fire as blesser refuses to pay her after (VIDEO)…


What is happening with our sisters? – A concerned tweep who shared the video genuinely asked as more and more clips of ladies being humiliated emerge.

Recently the social media platforms are full of videos of the so-called V-class ladies.

Apparently, they are being called V-class girls because of what had happened a few days ago when a lady was forcefully taken out from a V- class car .

There is another video on social media which is trending of a woman fighting with a Chinese man.

Based on what is being said in that video, the Chinese man ordered service from ‘V-class girl’ at the hotel and after service, the guy wanted to run away without paying.

The woman is seen shouting nαkєd trying to stop the guy from running away after he satisfied his manly needs.


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