Woman Delays Flight To Save Passengers After Being Touched By The ‘Holy Spirit’ -[Watch]

Video drops as Woman delay flight and saves passengers after being touched by the ‘Holy Spirit’

In a video shared online has generated a lot of controversies after it ” claimed that a woman delayed a plane from taking off when she was touched by the holy spirit inside the plane.

Reports revealed that the Holy Spirit touched a woman inside a plane while the passengers waited for takeoff.

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In the video, the woman is shown shouting the name of the Lord while jumping, suggesting that she was witnessing a manifestation of the Holy Spirit.

It can be seen that the security personnel approached the woman, and after two hours they decided to take her out.

None of the people inside the aircraft were aware that the woman was being used for a greater purpose.

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Later, the Captain of the plane noticed that the aircraft had problems, since the crew reported that they saw the smoke outlet closely the passengers had to abandon the plane as it was on fire.

The crew exited the ship via an emergency ramp that resembles a slide.

The captain of the plane assured that if the woman had not delayed the flight, the result would have been catastrophic.

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” I believe that the woman was sent by God to save us from this terrible disaster, ” said the captain.

Watch the video below;