Who’s that boy? – Cina Soul’s father reacts to KiDi kissing daughter [video]

Photos : Kidi and cina soul

Ghanaian songstress , Cina Soul, known in real life as Christie Quincyna Quarcoopome has described how her father reacted to a particular scene in KiDi’s ‘Sugar’ movie where she was passionately kissing the singer.

She said her father expressed himself out of shock after seeing her daughter kissing the Lynx Entertainment singer.

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One can recall that at the near end of the movie, KiDi was captured in a rain passionately kissing Cina who played the role of his girlfriend.

But in a new development, Cina was spotted feeling uncomfortable when her kissing scene with KiDi was played live on TV during the United Showbiz program.

When asked by the host, Abeiku Santana, why she suddenly appears uneasy, Cina said she fears her father might be watching the show.

Cina added that the first time her father watched the ‘Sugar movie’, he asked who KiDi was and his relationship with her.

“I’m just uncomfortable because my father is watching. My parents are watching and my whole family is working. Yes, my father has watched the Sugar Movie. When he chanced upon the scene where I was kissing KiDi, he shouted who is that boy? I have watched this movie just once. That is when it was premiered at the cinema. I’m unable to watch it over again I don’t know why.

Recounting moments of the kissing scene, Cina Said;

“There were about 30 people on set and we had like 6 takes of the kissing scene.”