White Man Storms Koforidua From The USA To Chase Fraud Boys Who Scammed Him 30000 Cedis (HOT VIDEO)


The high pace of joblessness has impelled the greater part of the Ghanaian youth to participate in web misrepresentation as a simple and one more method of getting rich short-term.

A considerable lot of the adolescent who has into that have in the end made it as the rate at which Police chase after extortion young men isn’t that powerful in the country.

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In any case, a white man who got misled by this web misrepresentation fellow remaining in Koforidua attempted his conceivable best to follow the individual who defrauded him by flying right from the USA to Ghana.

In the video, the suspects were video recording him as they describe how they defrauded him more than 30000 cedis which have made him come to Ghana to fish out suspects.