Watch Video:Cleaner Made To Drink Toilet Water To Show How Clean It Is


A very absurd event is said to have taken place as a young lady who is a cleaner at a company in China has been made to drink water from the toilet to show how clean and dedicated she is to her job.

The young lady whose name was identified as Luo was said to be working in a fertilizer factory where she could be seen drinking from a plastic cup filled with water from the water closet as her bosses applauded her as she drank the water.

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The video has since gained a lot of attention with many disgusted by the acts of the young lady and her bosses who also were clapping whiles she drank the water.

The leaders of the company who upon receiving all the backlash came out to state that the young lady did it herself and was not forced in any way to do the act.

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They wrote in a statement saying:

This is proof of perfection she wants to show, to tell others how dedicated she is at her job,” a spokesperson for Xhongcheng Fertiliser Technology Company in Shandong, east China said. “She wants to show she is so confident at cleaning the toilet that she can even drink the water from the toilet.”

“I hope that all positions in the company can do their work to the extreme,” the caretaker can be heard saying after downing the cup of water. Luo’s colleagues have confirmed that she has been very committed to doing her job perfectly ever since she was hired, in 2014, and refer to her as the company’s “benchmark employee”.


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