Watch The Awkward Moment A Corpse Refused to Be Buried As It Takes Pallbearers Straight Into A Gutter


Trust to give you juicy stories making rounds on social media such as this intriguing video we have chanced upon on the internet during our routine prowling.

In this video, a group of mourners can be seen taking a corpse to the cemetery for burial. Moments after they brought the coffin out from the vehicle and were making their way to the cemetery, they came across a bridge which they had to use before getting to the other side.

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The pallbearers decided to display and indulge in antics designed to entertain the small sympathizers and other mourners that were following them while walking on this small bridge. Unfortunately, their weight was too much for the bridge and what happened next is both hilarious and ridiculous.

Eventually, netizens concluded that the dead person never wanted to be buried in the first place. What do you think about this?

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Video credit: JOY PRIME


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