Video: Sammy KNUST Speaks About His Breakup With Nana Ama


Several theories have popped up concerning the alleged breakup between Sammy and Nana Ama.

Once again, Sammy, a KNUST student, became the talk of Ghana after a video of him crying like a baby whiles begging his girlfriend (Nana Ama) after cheating on her to come back.

Considering the hilarious nature of the story, some Ghanaians especially the critical thinking ones expressed some doubts about the authenticity of the development.

Thankfully, Rev Isaac Aidoo of Koo Tv fame has rushed KNUST campus to have a chit-chat with Sammy, the most popular student on KNUST campus.

In the voice of Sammy, all the photos of Nana Ama that popped after the issue are not the real Nana Ama who made his life miserable.

He further revealed that he still loves Nana Ama regardless and he’ll do everything possible to win the heart of Nana Ama. Nonetheless, he blamed his close friends for disappointing him by filming him secretly.

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