Video-Cut off my head if Ghana qualifies for Qatar World Cup 2022

An old video of an unknown occult grandmaster bragging that the nation should cut off his head if Ghana qualifies for the World Cup 2022 in Qatar has resurfaced on social media and has amassed lots of attention and reactions.

In the video, the grandmaster said boldly that there’s no way Ghana will qualify at the expense of Nigeria.

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He said that the two-legged match will be an easy one for Nigeria.

To get people more convinced, he said if Ghana wins, may his head be cut off.

As if that was not enough, he added that he will give the team fifty thousand pounds and each player will earn thousand pounds from him if they qualify over Nigeria.

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Well, the match has been over and Ghana has secured qualification over Nigeria and netizens have revisited the video, calling on the grandmaster to make himself available so that his head will be cut off just as he said.

Watch the video below..