University student In trouble As Girlfriend Dies When She Came To Sleep Over At His Place

A university student has found himself in an awkward yet unfortunate situation after his girlfriend dies when she came to sleep over at his place.

According to the report, the girlfriend was sick and had come to pass the night at his apartment. It has been a routine that the lady comes to sleep over every now and then.

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However, when it was day, the young University of Port Harcourt student saw his girlfriend lying lifeless. He was stunned and shocked.

He did not know whether to shout for help or to keep silent. His heart raised at an alarming rate.

Sharing the story on Twitter, Hydra opened the eyes of many young men to the dangers of allowing women or their girlfriends to pass the night at their place.

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The gentleman in question now has to face his girlfriend’s family. He is being accused of having a hand in the death of their daughter.

Sorrily, he does not have enough money to conduct an autopsy to ascertain what actually killed the lady.

See screenshot of Hydra post below :

girlfriend dies when she came to sleep over

Source: Atinkanews