Touching moment a barber was surprised with $30,000 to rebuild her dream after her shop got destroyed by storm (Video)…

A professional barber has been surprised by a huge amount after her shop got destroyed by a tragic storm.

The barber’s dream of getting back to business again was restored when a stranger showed up and donated $30,000 to her.

The woman was moved to tears as she was seen embracing the stranger in a viral video shared on Instagram by Charlie Rocket.

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The woman was asked what her dreams were, she said her dream was to go back to barbing, a business she had before the storm. She said in the touching video:

“My dream is being a barber. I don’t have the greatest past. When I got my barber licence, it changed my life. So when you asked me what my dream was, that was it. Thank you so much. Thank you.”

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Charlie Rocket who organises the online pool of resources to help strangers passing through challenges thanks those who donated to the course. He said in an Instagram post referring to the lucky woman:

“We gave her $30,000 from all the donations you all made so she can rebuild her dream! Share this with 10 people who you know will cry! Every share helps bring in more donations so we can help more families and businesses who are impacted by the tornado.”

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Watch the video below;