Thief beaten to pulp by Area boys


There is a saying that goes like “Every day for the thief, one day for master’ and that can be said to be the case of a young man who refused to work with his hands but rather uses the shortcut by stealing from people who have worked hard to attain what they have.

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In a video making rounds on social media, a young man whose identity is yet to be known as had himself to blame after he was caught stealing from a house which resulted in him been beaten to a pulp by the area boys who caught hold of him.

According to reports, the young man has been engaging in the act for a long time now and always had his way around it as he escapes even before he is been caught.

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From the video one can see blood oozing from every part of the body as he sat on the floor and pleads for, mercy.

Watch the video below;


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