The world coming to an end? Photo of 10-year-old girl heavily pregnant causes stir online …


A photo of a ten-year-old girl who is heavily pregnant has surfaced on the internet and causing so much buzz. 

Sources say the unnamed girl who is from Soweto, South Africa is in the last trimester of her pregnancy and could be ushered into the labour ward soon.

The development has caused much hubbub as people wonder the direction the world is heading towards with this strange report. See the photo below;

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In other news, a video of an unidentified lady urinating in public like a man has gone viral on the internet.

Women biologically have to squat or go down and spread their legs if they want to pee while men just stand upright and bring their manhood to do the obvious.

In this video, however, the lady stood upright and brought out her ‘thing’ (honestly we have no idea if she’s a crossdresser) and peed for some seconds, while nervously scanning around to see if anyone is invading her privacy.

Predictably someone chanced on the strange spectacle and uploaded the footage on social media.