Telenovelas badly affecting marriages – Pastor tells Ghanaians


Telenovelas have become a norm on the screens of television stations in Ghana. The insatiable desire by Ghanaians for these foreign contents have become a motivation for these stations to translate these programs into Twi(Ghanaian local language). The effects on the life, upbringing, and development of kids is untoward.

A Senior Pastor of Pentecostal Church of Christ has lamented the negative influence that telenovelas are having on marriages.

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Reverend Samuel Obeng-Mensah says telenovelas are beginning to shape the thoughts and expectations of people who are so much into them.

He warned that there is more to marriage than the fairy-tale love stories that we constantly see in these telenovelas.

Rev. Obeng-Mensah is the Senior Pastor of Pentecostal Church of Christ, Powerhouse Worship Sanctuary at Atadeka-Zenu.

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“These telenovelas are not real, there is more to marriage beyond these shows,” the pastor said, as quoted by the GNA.

He called on couples and would-be couples to always put commitment, sacrifice and teamwork first.


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