Suicide alert?: Actress Xandy Kamel causes panic with latest social media post

Xandy Kamel

It is gradually becoming a norm for young people to take to social media to reveal why they are tired of the air they breathe and wish they can just take their own lives. Some successfully commit suicide while some are lucky.

Ghanaian actress, Xandy Kamel is getting her fans scared as she recently took to her Instagram handle to share a heartbreaking post about being fed up of life.

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No one is sure what could have led her to this but the actress who got married few months ago posted in a coded language and hinted to do something which we cannot tell.

Though Xandy in the post did not reveal what exactly was happening to her, her post is one that could only come from someone in distress.

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Xandy’s scary post reads:
There is nothing to live for. thanks for all your love and support I appreciate, Xandy Kamel wrote on Instagram.“Life is meaningless, at this point I want to…’


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