Sugar daddy with potbelly gets exposed after realizing he has appeared in his side chic’s TikTok video…


Having fun nowadays has become the simplest way to get fame on the popular video-sharing app, TikTok as most ladies in their early 20s record every moment they deem fun and upload it on social media.

While they record their fun moment, they always want to flaunt their lover for the world to see as many of ur celebrities do.

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In the case of this young lady, she got into her element and decided to record herself whiles having a good time with her sugar daddy.

But unfortunately for the old sugar daddy who wanted to hide his face, the young lady exposed her on social media in her viral TikTok video.

The sugar daddy and the lady young enough to be his granddaughter were at the poolside having fun and the lady who thought it could be and memorable to capture that moment decided to record a video like the youth of this generation do.

As the lady was doing the TikTok video, the sugar daddy got out of the pool to romantically play with her but before he realised it, he had been captured though he tried to hide his face.

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