Students Flee After Spotting A Big Snake In Toilet (VIDEO)…


According to reports, the incident happened at Novena University in Ogume, Delta State.

The pupils in the video were approaching the toilet to observe the snake that had popped out of the toilet bowl.

The girl behind the camera could be heard constantly shouting “Blood of Jesus.”

They screamed in fear and ran as the reptile moved.

Watch the video below :


This comes just days after Lance Corporal Bercy, a Nigerian Air Force officer, was killed by a poisonous snake in her WC.

The snake got into her toilet and bit her at her home on the Airforce Base, Bill Clinton Way, Airport Road, Abuja, according to sources.

She unfortunately died as a result of the bite and was confirmed dead at a medical center.

A snake whisperer was reportedly called to remove the massive reptile from the toilet. A video of him removing the snake went viral just a few days ago.




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