Snapchat slay queen exposes popular Ghanaian pastor who reversed his MOMO transaction after paying for a premium video…


A popular Ghanaian pastor has been exposed by a Snapchat slay queen after he decided to reverse the MOMO transaction he did in exchange for her premium video.

The pastor after sending the GHC50 MOMO tried to pull a fast one on her by reversing the transaction after he had received the raw video of the slay queen.

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The pastor who from all indications wasn’t pleased with the video sent to him by the slay queen asked whether she had a video of her and

The pastor quickly reversed the mobile money payment meaning the lady can’t withdraw now till she proves to MTN that the person who sent her the money didn’t send it by mistake.

The lady posted the mobile money messages and the number the pastor used to pay for the R.A.W is exactly a number on his church flyer.

The mobile money name is Ubong Emmanuel.