SCANDAL: COVID-19 testing fraud at Jubilee House caught on camera…


Another Anas-styled undercover investigation is about to hit town exposing widespread COVID-19 testing fraud, including at the Jubilee House Clinic – a clinic for the Presidency.

Investigators, The Fourth Estate have already posted trailers of their investigations on platforms including YouTube to advertise the upcoming exposé.

Whatsup News has seen the short trailer entitled “FRAUD AT COVID-19 LABS: Frontiers, Jubilee House Clinic involved.” This trailer features amateur video captures controversial scenes revealing the massive COVID-19 testing fraud that appear to have the express endorsement of the Jubilee House.

But no matter how controversial the methods used to capture the testing fraud, the trailers indicate the exposes can provide some useful insights into a subculture of bribery and unprofessionalism that is probably undermining the COVID-19 fight.