Religion, age forcing ladies into wrong marriages – Counsellor Charlotte Oduro

Rev Dr Mrs Charlotte Oduro

Renowned Marriage Counsellor Dr Mrs Charlotte Oduro has revealed that age and religion are forcing a lot of ladies into wrong marriages that do not also last the test of time.

She revealed that it is one of the major factors leading to increased divorce cases in the country urging ladies not to allow themselves to be pushed into marriages they may live to regret.

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Speaking on Accra-based Okay Fm monitored by, the celebrated marriage counsellor noted that men are not hard to come by and urged ladies who have come of age to be a bit patient in their search.

According to her, most of them rush into marriage with the view that they are trickling to the age of menopause and may not get anyone to marry them but warned that such marriages do not last.

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“Some times we think we are passing the age of marriage, we are in a hurry because our mates are getting married, we are being frustrated by the society and we are allowing religion to force us into marriage. Sister marriage is not age or society…it’s not the family. Marriage is your time and when it is your time you will get the right person. Don’t rush into it. Many have gone into it and are regretting it. Did you not see the statistics of divorce in recent times? You want to marry today and be hailed and regret later”, she asked.

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