Regular handwashing amid coronavirus might cause water shortage – Ghana Water Company


In the wake of the novel coronavirus, the Ghana Water Company Limited has warned Ghanaians of a possible water shortage ahead due to the frequent hand wash amidst the outbreak.

According to the Director of Communications at the Ghana Water Company Mr. Stanley Martey there might be water shortage at some parts of Accra and some major cities in Ghana.

He stated the frequent hand washing practice employed by Ghanaians to check the COVID-19 as the main cause.

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Mr. Stanley Martey in an exclusive interview explained that the frequent hand wash practiced by Ghanaians may increase the demand for water, therefore, some areas might be affected in the water supply though they are facing some challenges as a company.

“We are also aware of the COVID-19 pandemic of which we have all been admonished to be washing our hands under running water. Now, we are washing our hands regularly under running water which means that it is going to affect the demand for water because more people will be using more water now.

If you also realize, we are now communicating with other parts of our body like our shoulders, our legs and all manner of communication so we are also not only being asked to wash our hands regularly but to also bath or wash down thoroughly more than we did previously. In all these, it is very clear that the demand for water will be going higher”. he said.

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Mr. Stanley forewarned Ghanaians to use water wisely by avoiding unneeded watering of lawns and washing of vehicles with treated water.

He, therefore, in his late submission advised consumers to store water as it flows as much as they can and not find themselves wanting when they start to experience water shortage.


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