Popular Kenyan musician, Japesa buys his own coffin

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May be since we all going to die someday, it’s better to prepare ahead of time. A popular Kenyan musician Philip Ptaroba Okoyo, who is better known by his stage name Japesa is already leading us in the preparations.

As he has bought himself a very nice coffin just in case the ugly hands of death knocks on his door.

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Taking to his Instagram page on Saturday, March 27,  the flamboyant rap artiste shared a photo of himself posing with the casket and said that he didn’t want his fans to struggle with funeral expenses.

“Bought myself a coffin, just in case nikufe msisumbuliwe na till number,” he wrote.

His fans reacted to the post with a section of them saying that he should mind his utterances as words are powerful while others noted that the coffin is cheap.

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Popular Kenyan musician buys his own coffin

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