Ghana Police Officer In Trouble As He Was Caught Drunk Like A skunk On Camera- [Watch]

Social media has erupted after a police officer was caught on camera staggering in the streets while drunk like a skunk.

The officer, who was dressed in full police uniform could be seen sitting at a roadside looking tired and woozy.

While a civilian started recording him, the drunk Ghana police officer stood up and began taking steps to flee from the scene but he could not walk properly.

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According to a section of concerned netizens who have come across this video, the person who filmed the drunk police officer was very wrong to do such because it might lead to the security personnel’s sack.

Others have also applauded the recorder of the video for exposing the bad nuts in the security service because they are the ones tarnishing the reputation of the Ghana police service.

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The hot dialogue on the internet now is whether the police officer should be sacked or maintained and counseled because he might be passing through the worse in life.

Watch the video below :


Source: Atinkanewws