Pentecost Elder petitions Church over ‘immoral’ wages paid by Elder Jospong’s Zoomlion…

An elder of the Church of Pentecost has reportedly petitioned the Church to look into the wages and conditions of workers under its elder Dr. Joseph Siaw Agyapong and urge him to do them right on “moral grounds”.

The petitioner whose name was not given is also an elder of the Church of Pentecost serving alongside Dr. Joseph Siaw Agyapong popularly known as Jospong.

This was revealed by one Otu Larbi Frederick in a “random Post” about why he hates capitalism using Jospong and Apple as an example.

Otu Larbi Frederick alleged that Zoomlion takes Ghc600 from the government for its services but pays Ghc180 to the people who actually do the cleaning, making a clean Ghc19million monthly profit from his 45,000 workers.

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“Mr Joseph Siaw Agyepong owns zoomlion. He allegedly charges the government of Ghana GHC600 for each of 45,000 sanitation workers and pays GHC180 to them. Effectively,  Mr. Agyepong makes GHC19 million every month while the 45,000 workers share GHC8million. Considering the level of filth in Ghanaian cities,  I seriously doubt that 45,000 people are deployed to clean the streets regularly. However, government pays for that number of workers so we can assume that those numbers are true.” He wrote.

“This “unjust treatment” meted out to these workers has caused a member of the Church of Pentecost (COP) to write a letter calling on the leadership of the church to persuade Mr. Agyepong to do right by his workers. The letter essentially argues on the basis of morality. The author of the letter and Mr Agyepong are both ELDERS of COP.”

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Read the rest of the article piece:

The problem is that businesses, especially those operating under capitalist principles, do not operate under any moral codes. Such businesses exist solely to make a profit.

Every profitable business must cheat one or more of the following categories of people; suppliers, employees or customers.

Take Apple as an example. It manufactures the iPhone in China with components that cost less than $500, and workers who earn less than $300 a month. Yet, the iPhone sells for about $1400 a piece. Apple will argue that research and development and marketing cost lots of money. The fact remains that Apple is one of the most profitable companies in the world.

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Similarly, Mr Agyepong will argue that the cost of equipment, replacement and maintenance is high. He also has offices to maintain. From a capitalist point of view, he is right to make GHC19 million every month from government sanitation contracts, even if its unconscionable.

The alternative will be for the state, through MMDAs,  to handle its own waste collection as it’s done in most countries. But that will be socialism. We don’t like it – anaa?.