Pastor orders church members to withstand heavy rain to tap blessings [Watch]


Ugandan Pastor Bujingo’s followers showered by rain as man of God orders flock to withstand heavy downpour as to tap into heaven’s blessings.

There is a thin line between having faith in God and getting indoctrinated by a fellow human being.

It might just turn out that a majority of House of prayer church goers are being influenced to do a few illogical things put forward by their senior pastor Aloycious Bugingo.

Just over the weekend, the controversial man of God surprised the nation when he ordered his flock to leave church tents and withstand the heavy down pour that swept clean all the dusty corners of City.

Speaking during the Sunday Church service, Bujingo who was dressed in a dark blue suit is seen in a video telling his flock to step out of the tent and come in the rain to receive God’s blessings.


”For those of you who know Canana land and House of Prayer Ministries know that this rain normally comes once in a month to bless the believers here. For those who gnat their sins washed away and blessings bestowed upon them should come out of the tent and dance in the rain” Bujingo said as he encouraged his followers to pray in the rain.

Watch the video below and be the judge:

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