Wonders: Pastor Instructs Members To Strip For The Holy Ghost To Penetrate Them -(Photos)

Wonders shall never end!!!!

Trending photos on the internet space capture Church members who have been stripped in order for the holy spirit to penetrate through them with no obstruction.

Reports indicated that the pastor instructed the church members(both male and female members) to strip in order for the holy spirit to penetrate through them easily and they stupidly obeyed.

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In the photos, the pastor could be seen stepping on some of the members lying on the ground.
The photos after it hit social media have amassed varied opinions with a section of citizens lambasting the pastor for misleading his members.

Others also blasted the church members for foolishly adhering to such as an absurd instruction adding that Christians should sometimes use their common sense.

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See the photos below:

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Source: browngh