ONE SHS ONE SICKBAY: Addressing the health needs of students on campus – GeoLawyer Writes


The government should consider providing every Senior high school in the country with a well-equipped sick bay and at least a nurse stationed there to cater for the health needs of shs students.

A well functioning sickbay would improve the academic work of students as their medical issues would receive prompt action and the tendency of students staying away from school and borders using such sicknesses as a yardstick to secure permission to stay out of campus would be stopped.

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Our Ghanaian schools are in such a way that students are very venerable to any outbreak of diseases. It would be very laudable for the government to provide sickbays in our various schools. Certain health conditions of students sometimes can easily be treated within the school if there’s a sickbay without necessarily sending them to hospitals which may not be closer to the school.

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Providing sickbays in our Senior high schools will also ease the burden on house masters and Senior house masters of having to carry students on their motorbikes to hospitals especially in the night.


This initiative if implemented will also give employment opportunities to many unemployed nurses…


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