Nigerians descend on Dj Cuppy’s billionaire father for wasting money on expensive cars instead of helping the poor (screenshot)

Ferrari DJ Cuppy

The Otedola’s took over both the local and international social media trends after Nigerian business mogul and muti-dollar millionaire, Femi Otedola bought 3 Ferrari Portofinos for his three children during their shopping spree.

As I’ve always said, poor and powerless people are the best analysts in the world and just like the poor can never stop complaining about their worries, the rich can never stop flaunting their wealth also

The spirit of poverty possessed a Nigerian tweep identified on the bird app as @abu_swag to glibly chastize Femi Otodela for spending his own hard-earned money on his daughters.

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According to this thoughtless critic, Femi Otedola should have dashed the $millions he spent on the Ferraris to the poor.

Always remember this;

The world isn’t fair. You’re the one that’s at fault for expecting it to be. Accept the harsh reality around you & life’s unfairness. The lion doesn’t care if the deer has an injured leg. It will still eat it. The strong do what they can, the weak suffer what they must! Try not to be homeless, broke or both. Pray like a saint and work like a devil at work!

Check out the screenshot below to know more;

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