NDC announces official 2020 elections manifesto lunching date


The National Democratic Congress has announced the date for lunching their 2020 elections manifesto.

The Opposition party has scheduled the date on Monday 7 September, 2020 at 6:00pm GMT.

The manifesto lunch will be broadcast live on all national televisons for the viewing pleasure of Ghanaians.

Despite the criticisms from the New Patriotic Party (NPP) on the delay of the NDC’s manifesto lunch, the NDC party is finally ready to read their visions and missions for the want of Ghanaians votes to bring them back into power.

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Stil, the NPP is with the opinion that flagbearer John Dramani Mahama has nothing good to offer Ghanaians again, and the party has no better plans and ideas to build the country hence, the delay of their manifest.

But the NDC believes otherwise, saying their manifesto contains all that Ghana needs to be a developed country.



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