Nana Hemaa Boatemaa: I lost my Husband to Another Woman Thanks to the People I Called Friends


A Ghanaian woman known as Nana Hemaa Boatemaa has opened up about her friends stabbing her in the back She revealed on Okukuseko The Talk Show that her friends got another woman for her husband Nana Boatemaa stated that the moment she started taking advice from her friends concerning her marriage is when she gave them the ticket to ruin it.

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A gorgeous Ghanaian queen mother by the name Nana Boatemaa has recently opened up about how her own friend betrayed her.

Speaking during an interview with well known Kumawood actress Emelia Brobbey on the Okukuseku The Talk Show, Nana Hemaa shared that she once had a set of friends whom she believed had her back but that was not the case.

She recounted that she was once married and anytime she had an argument with her husband, her friend would advise her to leave the house to come stay with her.

This happened anytime there was a misunderstanding between she and her husband until she one day found out that her friends’ advise was a plot against her.

Nana revealed that her husband who used to live in another town got hooked unto another lady thanks to the very people she called friends.

“My husband used to pick fights with me all the time because my friends had found another woman for him”, Nana Boatemaa shared.