My wife wants to marry a white man for citizenship – Man seeks advice…

A troubled young man has summoned up the courage to share his marital troubles on social media in a bid to get an advice.

According to him, his wife who earned a scholarship overseas has refused to return back home despite completing her studies.

The distressed man went on narrating that after he became inquisitive, the wife sent him a divorce letter, telling him that she was getting married to a white man on account of having a better life.

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Read His Story Below

I am a married man with 2 children. My wife traveled to UK after successfully scholarships for 2years only, but still now is 4yrs she has not yet returned back every time I ask her why she has not returned as we agreed she will complained about different challenges she is going through over there. 

Early this year, she met a white man who promised to help her have a stay and better life on a condition of divorcing me and getting married to him.

“My wife sent me a divorce letter which I need to sign to prove we are no more married . She told me I should act along because through the White man she will have more opportunities over there and also have financial stability and be given a stay in UK and she will be sending me money to support our 2 children. 

“If I didn’t sign it, she might be deported anytime. She also warned me not to tell anyone including our families because she told me we should make it a secret. I am confused. 🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️ Pls advice before its to late