My Pastor Sleeps With Me Every Sunday Morning And Still Uses Me To Fake Miracles – Woman Cries Out


A woman by name glory Peters Cries out on how she has been used by her pastor every Sunday morning.

The young woman took to her Facebook page to expose how she was been used every Sunday by her pastor, according to the lady she said “I’m a member of Christian fellowship center and a stunt member for that matter, I was been used by my pastor to perform fake miracles”

When is Saturday morning my pastor always call me to come over to his house, we will sit together to plan on how the following Sunday will look like, many at times I will decorate myself like a blind woman, at times like a lamp and once he will start prophesying I will immediately shout pastor I’m Heal.

During the process of planning these fake miracles he will ask me to sleep with him I will sleep with him till the next morning.

According to the woman she did all this without knowing, she thinks she was charm by the pastor


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