My lecturer invited me to his house for personal studies only to f!nger me in his couch – Level 100 Legon student

An anonymous Level 100 University of Legon student has narrated how her lecturer got his way through her to his bed.

According to her on social media, the lecturer has been eyeing her strangely each time she goes to his class.

The lady said it continued for some time and the lecturer finally got her number from a friend.

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On day at her hostel resting, she said she had a call from a strange number, upon finding out who the person is, she got to know that it is the lecturer demanding her presence in his house for personal studies.

The lady said she dressed up and rushed to his house where they started studying.

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However, the lady said she noticed that the lecturer was looking at her breast lustfully.

She said it continued for some time and without knowing what happened, she realized the lecturer was kissing her.

In the next minutes, she said saw the lecturer putting his hand in her skirt to finger her.

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The lady said she could not do anything or control herself other than to sit idle and watch the lecturer finger her.