Mum who started homeless charity with just £5 now feeds 55,000 people a year…

Laura McSorley started her charity Kindness Homeless Street Team before the coronavirus pandemic. She said demand has been growing, with volunteers helping thousands of families over the past two years

A mum who started a homeless charity with just £5 has managed to feed 55,000 people in a year.

Laura McSorley’s Kindness Homeless Street Team was created before the coronavirus pandemic and since then it has helped thousands of vulnerable people.

The woman said about 70 per cent of those who get help from the charity are in temporary accommodation and cannot afford to pay for food.

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She told the Daily Record : “Right now, we have lots of children coming with their families and we’re seeing parents who are choosing whether to heat their house or feed their kids.

“They know with our help, they can at least keep their children fed.

“For a time we had a period where it was quietening down but from the end of October onwards our numbers have fluctuated again to the highest of what we give out at any time.”

The charity helped thousands of people during the pandemic

The charity helped thousands of people during the pandemic

Laura’s team consists of dozens of volunteers who run a soup kitchen in George Square in Glasgow.

During the past year they delivered 8,000 food parcels and furnished almost 400 homes for people who have been offered permanent accommodation.

The charity also delivered Christmas dinners, toys and gifts to families who cannot afford them.

Laura said: “We have guys who have been in the homeless cycle being offered a tenancy but don’t have anything. We’ve turned up at properties with sheets of paper on floorboards.

Laura McSorley

“Our delivery guys work 10 hours a day picking up second-hand furniture and we’ve just bought a third vehicle because the demand is outrageous.”