Moyo Lawal Puts Haters On The Blast In A Long Essay On Social Media


Moyo Lawal is blazing her missiles at social media detractors in a long essay on Instagram.

Apparently the Nollywood actress said she had had enough and wants to shove those who talk ill about her into the gutter where they belong.

She wrote, ‘Sometimes I see some people type rubbish .So I need to clear up a few things and state a few #MLfacts, shall we??. I have been popular, since before I became an adult ( my first show *ShallowWaters was a hit*) meaning I have been here for about 14 years on and off. Yet I have never had an actual scandal, the only thing, you can find is my sort of exposing ( I boldly write *sort of* because ironically, I have never been pictured in a bikini that I have seen literally everyone wears, yes even on social media).

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Neither will you hear of me sleeping about or for roles because my first show was a hit, I was living with my parents ( who provided) and I was making money on Television before I started doing movies, so I was never in a hurry to blow or desperate about roles because I had already worked with the best names on Television, so I knew it was just a matter of timing( I just did my auditions diligently, funny enough that was a lot of fun and most times, I was selected so I kinda felt I was moving in the right direction).

I am a very old Romantic soul that doesn’t exactly buy the idea of regular sex before marriage, the few people I have dated can tell you that, I am way younger than some 21 years in that regard. In fact, if not that, I love too much, I will probably be married with kids by now…(ironic yes?, I know, only people who actually love can get this not the ones who fall in love every year). So before you come and type rubbish, remember this, if not for discipline and her fear of God, Moyo will have snatched my man ooooh… Then if you are a man, pray your girlfriend that is not even half as hot as I have just 20%… Yes, Just 20% of Moyo’s discipline P. S .. you people don’t look for my trouble, I just want to do the basics this year…’

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