Suspected Yahoo Boys Seen Performing Rituals On World Bank Road

Shocking as suspected yahoo boys are seen performing rituals on World Bank road

Yet to be identified yahoo boys captured the attention of residents and motorists when they decided to perform rituals by the roadside.

According to reports, the two young men were spotted at World Bank road in Owerri, Imo state.

It was revealed that, they dropped a gourd on the floor and while one wore a white robe, the other donned a red garment and they both tied red bands on their head.

They also seemed to be chanting some incantations believed to be for ritual purpose.

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As opposed to the practice of outright condemnation of such acts, the photos of the boys sparked mixed reactions online.

@KentChidera said; Na until they begin jungle justice these boys before they learn? Everything no be script!

@youthgrow67 replied; Jungle justice ke, u no dey fear jazz abi

@EjioforOnyishi; This nonsense is becoming too much in Owerri they won’t try this rubbish in Aba on broad daylight and go Scot free

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@Abiginwa1; What’s the difference between these boys and the Christians that pray and preach on the roads…

@nzekiev; What is wrong here? Is it your belief or do you want to form a moral brigade?

@johnysky22; Ritual: a religious or solemn ceremony consisting of a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order. This is no more wrong than a Christian or Muslim praying in public, they are all rituals. Why do other people’s religion make you all uncomfortable?

@Abiginwa1; Hypocrites…but ur church people with megaphones and their chosen bulletproof vests can stand on the road and preach…


@JGagariga; You still believe Nig is not a failed state? What else do you need to convince you Nig has failed her youths? These youths have completely given up on the system and believe making it legit is impossible that’s why they’re resulting to ritual money, #EndBadGoveranceInNigeria

@tommycoal3; I stand to be corrected here, what’s the proof that it’s money rituals they are doing?

See the photos below;

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