Meet Vydash, The Ghanaian Lady Who Massages Balls For A Living | Video


Ghanaian Cosmetologist who specialises in massaging of men balls, Vydash in an interview with Arnold Elavanyo on his Vibes In 5 talk show has revealed more about her job.

Vydash is a well endowed Ghanaian lady who has in-depth knowledge about massaging.

Vydash enjoys her work because she gets to meet new people and share good contact with them, as well as how she provides support to her clients.

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Vydash disclosed that she is a competent body massage therapist who does not provide a happy ending service to her clients. A “happy ending” for her is a session in which she gets intimate with her clients.

Explaining more on her job, Vydash revealed that her job, balls massaging, gives strong e.rection to men with weakness in e.rection.

Vydash narrated instances where some of her clients would start touching some parts of her body during the process and added that those are some challenges she faces in her job.

Despite these and other obstacles, Vydash maintains that it is against her work ethics and that she avoids such scenes.

When Arnold Elavanyo asked whether she would continue to massage balls in her life, Vydash answered by saying she would love to open a big SPA and employ people because it pays.

Watch the video below:


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