Meet Mimi Boateng, the little girl who hoisted the AFCON trophy at the CAN 2008; Checkout her current photos

Mimi Boateng,the little girl who hoisted the Afcon trophy before the start of the CAN 2008 tournament has become an internet sensation now on the Ghanaian internet after her current photos popped up.

The young beautiful girl was dressed up in traditional kente and made to sit in a palanquin.

With accompanying drums, songs, and the show of regalia, she was majestically carried across as she hoisted the trophy.

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Well, that lady is MiMi Boateng.

Mimi Boateng currently lives in the Us but the photos below show the transformation of the young girl into a beautiful lady over the years.

In 2008, Mimi was just 8 years old when she was allowed to hold the AFCON trophy and show it to the people of Ghana.

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Mimi Boateng currently lives in the UK, but the photos below show the transformation of the young girl into a beautiful lady over the years. Mimi is studying at University College London for a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering.

Ghana placed third at the CAN2008, but one of the highlights of the tournament was and has remained the iconic photo of MiMi Boateng clutching the trophy with all the strength in her feeble young hands.

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Mimi Boateng is currently 22 and dating.

Check Out Photos Below: