Meet Dnani : The beautiful kenkey seller everyone is talking about [video ]…


A beautiful Ghanaian lady who sells Kenkey for a living has sparked a conversation on social media after her videos were released.

Getting a comfortable job you like is not easy in Ghana , that’s why many Ghanaians graduates are embracing entrepreneurship.

Most graduates who studied courses like engineering, medicine, economics and so on at times end up going into entrepreneurship.

This choice might be because the graduate wants to try a different thing but most times it is because of lack of valid jobs.

However, in ‘Dani’ case she chose to start selling Kenkey because she decided it was what she desired to do and it has been working well for her.

Instead of servicing sponsors in lodgings and hotel rooms, this beautiful lady earns an honest living through selling Kenkey .

She has everything that can guarantee her a comfortable lifestyle if she decides to get a spoŋsor but still, she gets her hands ‘dirty’ to make a living and keep her dignity.

No wonder her video below is trending on social media ..


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