Mechanic In Shock As A Slay Queen He Wooed On Facebook Surprisingly Shows Up


A Mechanic has gotten the shock of his life after a Slay Queen he expressed interest in on Facebook surprisingly showed up at his workshop.

Most ladies are fond of dodging guys whenever they are asked to pay a visit. Some ladies intentionally take money from men in the name of “they don’t have transport”, deceive them, and refuse to come. Some good-hearted ladies will sincerely tell the truth but those ones with the “iron-heart” will chop the money and give lousy excuses.

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Well, this lady has proven critics wrong as she shows up at the workshop of this mechanic.

Reports say that the Mechanic has been chatting with the lady on Facebook for some time now and then decided to send her transportation so she comes to visit him. The Mechanic however thought she wouldn’t show up because he was a mechanic but was surprised to see the lady at his workshop.

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