Man vanishes after losing boss’ GHc 5K in betting ,leaves behind emotional note…


Robert Mimunoru, a 20-year-old man from Lamu (Kenya) has gone into hiding after losing his boss’ Ksh 100,000 to different betting firms.

In a note left behind by Robert, he says he has tried everything possible to succeed to no avail.

That he says has been frustrating thus he took a chance to gamble with his bosses cash. He now says he is sorry and hope his boss will recover the cash by selling a piece of land owned by Robert.

“I am very sorry, boss.I did not expect to lose all the cash but do not worry we have two forms and one has miraa grown on it. I lost 100K on sport pesa.

I also lost 30K to a different betting firm.I have suffered enough trying to make it in this life to no avail so I have gone t live with my mother.”

A frustrated Robert added that was in the case that he is to commit suicide, the government should take action and close those betting firms.

“It’s not fair that I suffer every day, if you find my body it is Sport Pesa who will be responsible.

If they refuse the government should take action and close these betting firms. I have sold everything I had, I did not want to lose my life.

I took myself to the police but they refused to detain me.Your money will not go down the drain as I have a piece of land,’ Robert wrote on the note below .

Man vanishes after losing employer's GHc 5K in betting ,leaves behind emotional note

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