Man prays over new waist bead his girlfriend bought, cleanses it with anointed oil

An anonymous Nigerian man has been captured on camera praying over waist beads of his girlfriend to ward off diabolic forces.

From what we have gathered, his girlfriend bought the beads not long ago but before she puts it own, the guy opted to pray over it for the better and greater good.

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The man prayed over it while the lady was around.

Meanwhile, the lady found the man’s action absurd and busted into laughter because she could not control herself.

The man poured anointed oil on the beads and hung them on his door and instructed his girlfriend to leave it there for a day before she put it on because it’s a direction he has gotten from social media.

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According to the boyfriend, the anointed oil he used during the prayers was given to him by his mother.

When she insisted on collecting the bead by force, he protested and said ”the power in me is greater than the power in you”