Major Shakeup Looms At National Security

Whatsup News has picked up information that Albert Kan Dapaah, the current Minister for National Security is about to be removed and replaced.

The change, as we have been learning, is part of a seismic shakeup that the Akufo-Addo Jubilee House is angling to effect at National Security.

Our insider information reveals that Mr. Dapaah is likely to be replaced by Minister of State at the Ministry of Interior, Bryan Acheampong.

Also, the shakeup will see the current National Security Coordinator, Major General Francis Adu Amanfo (Rtd), replaced with Edward Kwaku Asomani who is the Executive Director of pro-NPP political pressure group, Danquah Institute.

According to information, the changes will be purposed to infill the top brass of National Security with New Patriotic Party (NPP) hardliners as the Kan Dapaah administration is deemed to be rather docile and also a realization that the ratings of the Akufo Addo administration had dipped considerably among Ghanaians.

Several secret intelligence gathering operations by National Security have also confirmed that the unpopularity of the government makes it vulnerable to destabilization that could be sparked at any time, sources have said.

Consequently, as a safety measure, the regime feels that tightening up National Security by appointing in place ultra-loyal hardliners is the way to go.

And Bryan Acheampong, cuts the character rather finely – a former US military officer, insiders say he is the kind of officer that the governing party can rely upon as a gladiator for the sensitive position.

 It is believed that, Bryan Acheampong has a falling out with Kan Dapaah and that their chaotic relationship reportedly led to a slay queen girlfriend of Kan Dapaah, secretly recording their tryst in Europe and circulating the video to disgrace Kan Dapaah.

Bryan would later be moved to the Interior Ministry as a Minister of State. However, the whole slay queen episode has since been a blot on the reputation of Kan Dapaah and is said to have also become grounds for agitation within the ruling party for Kan Dapaah to be removed and replaced with Mr. Acheampong.

According to sources, however, the tryst with the slay queen is not what has led to Jubilee House’s consideration of a replacement of Kan Dapaah , but rather due to the heavy dip in the government’s popularity.

Within the NPP, there is the sense that in the party’s quest to “break the eight” alternation of parties in power, it needs to re-energize its grassroots, largely made up of party vigilantes who have been drafted into National Security.

Meanwhile, sources have however said that the move to remove Kan Dapaah would not be received with enthusiasm within the National Security because Kan Dapaah is a highly respected professional credited with reforms in the agency and it has won him many friends within the establishment.

Also, the professional soldiers in the military may be more accepting of the measured stance of Kan Dapaah than hardliners, particularly due to the embarrassment that party goons embedded in the security agencies had caused them.