Life not fair: Ghanaian man sentenced to 3-years in prison for stealing plantain belonging to policeman


A Ghanaian man has been sentenced to 3-years in prison for stealing fingers of plantain belonging to a police officer.

The sad report was shared by Crime Check TV on their official Facebook platform. The post as shared says;

“Mensah, a carpenter receives a 3yr prison sentence for stealing a policeman’s plantain. This guy should be desilting choked gutters instead of Goverment, warehousing him and spending taxpayers money on him.

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After serving half of his sentence, we paid his fine for him to go home to see to the needs of his children who are out of school because of his irresponsible behaviour. It is always sad to see children suffer because of the mistakes of their parents.

We hope Mensah never returns to Prison because of another plantain incident.”

See reactions below;

Isaac Koranteng – Until we get a serious administration to rewrite and ammend our constitution these problems will continue to be with us.

Adomako Brimpong – The judiciary should look at sentencing in the country. Though what he did was wrong but jailing him 3yrs is too much, after all how much is the plantain or is it bcos the owner is a police officer?
There are some crimes that need not jailing like the above, our cities are full with gabbage and joked gutters that needs desilting. Why can’t the state use them to clean up?

Hope N Pray – This is disheartening 😔, Ghana while e real thief are walking about freely in the of …..💔😓