Lady breaks down into tears after quitting her job for a music audition only to be rejected


Beautiful 19-year-old Onyinyechi Okereafor from Owerri State in Nigeria quit her job for Nigerian Idol music audition.

It was her hope that this is a perfect chance to kick off her music career so her job can wait but it ended in tears for her.

Her best wasn’t enough as she got kicked out by the judges.

It was then that she broke into tears pleading for ‘just one last chance’ but the judges won’t hear any of that.

She even went on her knees to beg but that’s won’t compel the judges to change their decision.

“Just one last chance, that’s all I need please”, she cried.

But the judges insisted on their decision.

Her actions infuriated the judges so much so that they had to leave the audition room.

Watch the video below:

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