Koforidua: 22-year-old man captured on CCTV having sex with a goat [Video]

A CCTV footage showing a disgusting scene of a man having sex with a goat on a farm at Koforidua in the Eastern Region of Ghana has reared its ugly head on the internet.

The suspect has been identified as 22-year-old Baba Illiasu who has been summoned to the Chief’s palace after the video stirred outrage among residents.

The footage shows the man hovering around a group of goats grazing on farmland. He quickly clutched onto one and pinned it down. He was seen swinging his waist to and fro as though he was sleeping with a woman.

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According to a report by Akoma FM, it is gathered that it’s not the first time the man has been caught in the act. But Baba Illiasu who is an employee on the farm always finds a way to deny the accusation in the absence of evidence of his immoral act.

This compelled the owner to install a CCTV camera to monitor activities on the farm unbeknownst to Baba Illiasu, which captured him in the act with one of the goats while he was going about his duties.

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Baba Illiasu denied the act again until the CCTV proved otherwise. He then apologized for his actions. He was dragged to the Palace of the Koforidua chief where they performed rites to pacify him.

Watch the video of the incident below

Muslim leaders in the town also demanded he is given to them for them to also perform rites to pacify the lands from this abomination.

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It is unclear whether Baba Illiasu’s act of sleeping with goats is in fulfillment of a ritual pronounced on him.