Justice For Lufuno, beaten video, and everything you need to know about the Mbilwi High School students incident in Limpopo.

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Lufuno, a South African High School girl took her own life after she was abused by her mate, Candy.

Following the sad incident that occurred in Mbilwi High School in Limpopo, South Africans on Twitter are calling for justice, putting pressure on authorities to arrest Candy for bullying her mate leading to her untimely passing.

“We also calling for #JusticeForLufuno after she was bullied yesterday @ Mbilwi High School here in Limpopo, and she committed suicide later yesterday after an incident #JusticeForLulu”

Watch another video from the incident below;

She slapped Lufuno several times on the face. Lufuno is the beautiful girl with black skin in the video.

They were all in their School uniforms.

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See some reactions on twitter below;


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