Joyce Dzidzor Mensah Mistakenly Goes Nv𝒹𝑒 After Her Towel Dropped During Presentation (Watch)


oyce Mensah Dzidzor inadvertently went nude while promoting a cleansing product on her Facebook page in a video obtained by

Fortunately for her, before the footage of the anomaly could get into the wrong hands and eventually get her into trouble, she deleted it with the speed of light so bloggers won’t publish it firsthand and slip her into another state of depression but we still managed to get a shot.

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Regardless of that, the actress and occasional musician seemed unperturbed as she continued with the advert with a touch of sensuality. Joyce further introduced the cleansing product to her fans and followers across her social media platforms by demonstrating how it’s used.

She later shared the edited version of the video along with this caption; “I made this video of facial cleansing last night and ended up posting an unedited video which I had to quickly delete and posted back the original video.”

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