Jealous girlfriend jumps from the 22nd floor of a hotel to attack a rival


Police and rescue services were called to a 38 story hotel in Jomtien, Pattaya, Thailand on Sunday night after a 23 year old Thai woman jumped from the 22nd floor.

The victim was named as Suthirak S. She had hit a tree and then the ground suffering multiple injuries which led to her death. An examination of Room 2220 showed no signs of a struggle.

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An uncle of the victim called Bunpherm, 43, said that a group of relatives were in town to celebrate the birthday of the victim.

While they were at a restaurant Suthirak and her Japanese boyfriend got embroiled in a furious argument after she claimed he had tried to chat up another woman in the party.

Back at the hotel later she locked him out of the room. He banged on the door in an effort to reconcile with her.

Then security rushed up to say someone had jumped.


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